Gone But Not forgotten

The idea for Raindrop Cards was born when the creator of the idea realized there was a need for people who had lost someone they loved to have a way to express their grief in a way that was never done before.


The Sadness We Carry

Grief from losing someone we love is something that can change our lives. So many times the feelings of loss & sadness become buried because it's a subject that isn't "talked about." People in your life do not know what to say and every one expects that with time you will heal and move on. But in reality that grief that is buried just lays there inside and is like an invisible box of rocks that is carried around with us. Like an invisible wound that no one else can see or feel but none the less one that is real, creating a sadness in our soul that lingers.


Helping You Heal & Helping the Environment

The creator of Raindrop Cards wanted to give people who have lost a loved one a way to express their grief in a meaningful way without leaving litter behind. Our eco friendly cards are designed with different messages that we hope will connect spiritually with our customers. Once you have chosen your cards we will have several options to use to place them at graves & memorial sites. Our engraved Raindrop Cards Memory Stones can be carried with your card to the place you feel like you connect with the person or pet that you are missing and be set to rest there. The card will quickly dissolve in the rain leaving your memorial rock in its place. We hope that our products help you take your message from your heart to the those you love & miss in the hereafter.